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July 5, 2013
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Spirit-Fish Application: Neriah [REVAMPING] by Pinepuruu Spirit-Fish Application: Neriah [REVAMPING] by Pinepuruu
:iconsparklesplz: REVAMP [12/6/13]: Chibi was done a month ago..was too lazy to revamp it //slapped
After losing my full body drawing of Neriah when my computer crashed..I gave up hope trying to revamp him until I took the time to sketch him up in class once more.Brought him home to finish and now I finally have a new revamp :icontearplz:

REVAMP[7/27/13]:Took advantage of class time and did a revamp of my bb using the cintiq :iconmoebeamplz:
The lineart is a bit sketchy since I used photoshop for the lines eve;; //and barely learns how to make sexy lineart in PS whaaaa

There'll probably be another revamp later on now that I know how to line in PS :iconimsotiredplz:
Trying out for :iconspirit-fish::iconbluesparklesplz:
I couldn't resist joining,this group is just too adorable
Omfg I'm so happy to get this done before the 200 cap :iconpapmingplz:


R o l e p l a y - T y p e : [Literature] [Script] [Both]

R o l e p l a y - M e t h o d s : [Skype] [Comments] [Group Chat] [Notes]

R O L E P L A Y - T Y P E S: [AU:Alternate Universe] [Crack] [Canon]

Note:All the naughty things that goes on with Neriah with other characters will automatically be deemed as crack uvu [//feel free to start it up though //HIT]


N a m e :


A g e :


G e n d e r :


:new:B i r t h d a y : 

    June 30th

H e i g h t :


S p i r i t - F i s h :

    Chromis viridis [Blue/Green Reef Chromis]

S p i r i  t  F i s h  - R e  f :

L e n g t  h :

    3 in. [8 cm.]

L i k e s :

    *Quiet spaces

    *Reading Manga [Especially romances]

    *Observing others around him

    *Painting and sketching



    *The color blue

    *Eating snacks

    *Making friends

    *Seeing people close to him happy

    *Ice cream

    *The ocean


    *Making art for others

    *Ayumu ♥

D i s l i k e s :

    *Loud places

    *Rude people


    *Most sports

    *Getting too much attention drawn to him

    *When people stare at him while he’s drawing[He gets a bit fidgety and nervous],

    *Seeing someone close to him get hurt.

    *When someone questions him and his feels about a fictional story.

    *Getting emotionally [and romantically] attached to someone [He's embarrassed now uvu]

    *Not being able to draw in certain situations

    *When his spirit fish wonders off

P e r s o n a l i t y :

    Intelligent | Quiet | Observant | Easily startled | Light-hearted | A Bit Clumsy | Curious | Loyal

    Most of the time,Nariah prefers to sit by himself  and observe others  rather than in gauging in large group settings.He can get easily uncomfortable and will try to avoid any kind of contact with anyone.When he opens up to people,he tends to display a lot of emotion and will talk quite often.Even though he may not be doing much around others,he is actually doing a lot.He tends to observe the way other‘s behave and is always thinking to himself in that moment.If a person gets a chance to sit down and get to know him,Neraih can be a very, kind-hearted,friendly person who cares about how other‘s feel.

H i s t o r y :

    Neriah grew up in a well knitted family and is very close to his parents and younger sister.Even though his parents were making decent money and he lived in a nice house,he had always liked to live a simple,carefree life.In his high school days,he was often bullied for being clumsy and shy.The only things that kept him going was his love for drawing and his interest in manga,which was something that helped him get through his high school crisis.He had discovered his talent after taking an art class with an art teacher he had come to adore and had since then continued to develop his skills.After graduating,he had since put his bullied past behind him and had decided to pursue a career pertaining to the arts,which lead him to enroll into the University of Sydney.

A d d i t i o n a l :

*He is currently in a relationship with Ayumu [Anniversary on September 2th]

*Neriah is trying his best to socialize a bit more with other people and is doing a lot better than before thanks to his close friend Miles.

*He tends to smile more often now and will attempt to speak to others,though he's still trying to get over his fears.

*He can be a bit overly protective of Ayumu,though he hasn't shown any signs of jealousy over him yet.[//Finds it super adorable how Ayumu gets super jealous over Neriah,but Neriah is too oblivous to know about it |3]

*If he had a voice it would probably sound like this

*Neriah had first discovered his spirit fish when he discovered his love for art.Since then he had started to paint his spirit fish in various projects.

*He often finds himself painting or sketching other people’s fishes,though he‘s not too keen on showing the owner‘s his artworks of them.

*His spirit fish gets along with anyone and is a very peaceful species of fish, though Neriah gets embarrassed when his spirit fish wonders off  to greet other people and their fishes.[Which in turn actually forces him to speak or interact with them]

* It takes him a while to trust a person and consider them a friend,but his fish pretty much go and befriends everyone.

*When he first saw his own spirit fish,he thought he was hallucinating.

*He’s not one to make romantic advances on someone but if he falls in love,he’ll do anything or everything in his power to please that person.

*When Neriah makes a friend he tends to be very close with that person since he doesn't make a lot of friends and isn't very popular.

*When he gets too embarrassed he tends to walk or run away,but he somehow always ends up tripping over his feet in an attempt to get away.

*He likes girls,but he doesn't see himself being manly enough to be with one[He’d try though].He’s open with his romantic choices.  

*He named his spirit fish Cyan after noticing the color of his fish’s scales.Even though he saw blue,in the sunlight he saw that his fish was actually blue/green.

*When he’s alone he tends to think out loud or talk to himself.He also to wonders out loud in group settings as well if he is able to tune everyone out.

*He’s never been in a relationship before so he knows nothing about dating except from what he reads in manga books.

*He can be quite reserved sometimes and someone has to either force him to speak or make him interested in speaking.

*If he tends to speak too much on a topic and if he notices it himself,he’ll get flustered and immediately stop talking.

*He doesn't like eye contact so he’ll gaze to the side or stare down at his feet while someone is talking to him or while he‘s talking to someone.

*To avoid socializing in groups,he usually puts on his headphones or draws in order to blend in and not be as noticeable.

*He gets every emotional when he reads his romance mangas and will actually cry in his feel moments. [He wouldn't want someone to see him like that so he tends to hide his face or run off if someone confronts him about it :iconmingplz:]

*Sometimes he wishes he can place his fish into a fish bowl for all eternity,

*Neriah tends to open up to people when he gets a chance to know them and would smile and talk more often around that person or group of people he‘s with.

Password: Fishhead,Fishtail
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