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May 6, 2013
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MnG Application:Ryuumei,Matsuda[REVAMPED] by Pinepuruu MnG Application:Ryuumei,Matsuda[REVAMPED] by Pinepuruu
:iconpinksparklesplz:REVAMP[8/6/13]:Whoo it's been a while since I've drawn Ryuu and he needed a revamp so-//TOSSES
I might added the chibi in,depending on if I'm in the mood to draw it


Edit:I'm going to revamp Ryuu sometime since I feel he needs some revamping U7U need my tablet back first OTL
Anyways,feel free to rp with him via skype or MnG chats

Applying for the sexy yaoi/blswim group

Special thanks to =Shiro-Marusu for helping me clean up my anatomy~:icontearplz:

N A M E : Matsuda, Ryuumei

A G E : 17

H E I G H T:175cm [5‘9 in.]

W E I G H T : 68 kg [150 lbs.]

L E V E L : Intermediate

L I K E S / D I S L I K E S:

+Going to the beach
+Snuggling people who are close to him
+Soda pop [Fruity favored]
+Watching movies [Mostly ghost movies]
+Going out with friends
+Baby ducks,especially his pet duck Fluffy <333
+Bubble baths

-Cramped spaces
-Anything with duck meat in it [He would stare at it in horror]
-Hot days/ The heat
-Crowded places with a lot of people
-Cranky people

P E R S O N A L I T Y :

| Confident | Friendly | Helpful | Mischievous | Somewhat childish [to an extent] |

Ryuu comes off as a friendly guy who is always quick to give someone a hand when they need it.Going into his second year, he has grown somewhat confident in his abilities, practicing and studying different swimming techniques so that he can work on improving himself and possibly have a chance to become one of the top swimmers in the school.Sometimes a bit childish and idiotic, he is that one person who likes to give nicknames to all his friends,names such as <i.>ducky</I> or fluff butt is one of the many names he could possibly call you [ LOL |D ]. At first glance, Ryuu may look like a whole-heartedly, friendly student but behind the innocent wall, is a dirty little pervert. He doesn’t show this side often, but when he does…


Growing up, I had a pretty good life from what I can remember.My parents were always working hard to take care of us the best they can.Being the third child born in a family with a long history of athletics, I never really took swimming as my first choice of sport for consideration, seeing how my father was. He participated in the most manliest of sports and I wanted to walk in my father’s footsteps so I could make him proud,I wanted to be just like him.My mom on the other hand, was not so interested in the popular sports my dad was into and instead took on in interest in water based sports,which was something I didn’t care much for at the time.It wasn’t until one day, my mother had begged and forced me and my sibblings to come along to a, not so exciting open pool family event where she was invited to attend.To be honest,sitting in the back of my mom’s van,I wasn’t too excited to be spending my time in a pool,but for her sake,I decided to smile and try to enjoy it the best I can.

When we finally arrived at the pool, it wasn’t something I really expected it to be.Everyone was smiling and having fun,children laughing with their parents as they ran around drenched in water. It was a sight that brought a small, sincere smile on my face. Making my way towards the pool’s edge, I keeled down to gazed down at the reflection in the water and wondered to myself ,what would it be like to swim? I had never taken a swimming class in my life so I thought I was going to drown. There were instructors standing by, helping people learn how to float and paddle. “Ryuumei, we‘re about to get into the pool,”my mother had called out from behind me. “Alright~,” I called out in a cheerful tone.I quickly went to the locker rooms,taking off my dry clothes and putting on some swim gear so I can join my family by the pool side.When I had arrived, there was a man talking to my mom and laughing with her.”He must be our instructor,”I thought as I made my way closer.“Ah..Ryuu, we‘re just about to start!” my mother beamed,a big smile on her face,my sibblings closeby smiling as well..I chuckled at the sight of my mom’s enthusiasm and replied.“Let‘s do this!,”I said as I looked up at our instructor.

Stepping into the pool, I felt the cold water surround my feet as I stepped in. It felt somewhat relaxing being in the pool after sitting in a van for so long. I held onto my safety raft as I settled in at the shallow end of the pool to watch our instructor give us examples of swimming techniques.“Matsuda, do you want to try first?,”The swim instructor said as he placed his hands onto his hips and looked over at me. “Sure,” I said as I made my way over,watching my steps as I glided through the water. “You’ll be trying to hold your breath under water and I‘ll be right here to supervise, alright?” The instructor said,giving me a toothy grin. I nodded and smiled back,taking in deep breath and blowing out a sigh. “I‘m ready,”I said calmly as I closed my eyes.Thinking about what the instructor said,I held my breath and started to slowly submerged myself. Sinking under the water, I felt a sort of calmness flow through my body as I floated there. It felt as if I was floating in the clouds as I held my breath underwater,like I was in another world.Maybe swimming wasn‘t as bad as I thought it would be.Pulling my head out of the water, I letting out the air that I held in my mouth, slicking my hair back and chucking to myself as I opened my eyes.“Great job Matsuda,”The intructor said, giving me a high five,though I thought it was kinda childish.“Thanks~,”

After almost a whole day at the pool, we finally stepped out of the pool and dried ourselves off so that we could go home.“Wasn‘t that fun,”My mother said as we walked outside towards the van which was parked a few feet away. “Yeah, that was,” I said drying my hair off with the towel my brother had handed me.On our way home, I took a moment to reflect on what we did back at the pool, closing my eyes so I can picture it better. “I wonder what dad would think if I told him I wanted to try swimming as a sport,”I thought as I gazed out the window.I really didn‘t know about any schools that offered swimming as a course in the area I lived in but I‘d try to see if I could find one.It wasn‘t until about 4 months later that I found an ad online about an all new, boys only school that offered swimming classes from beginner to expert students. Surprised and not taking another minute, I scanned the website for information about the school and filled out an application online without telling my parents.A phone call later, my parents finally was notified about the school and myself joining.“Can I please join,I feel that I could make something of myself if I do,”I said, trying to convince my dad to let me go,though even if he did say no, I still had my mom who would sign every single paper I give her.After a long week of convincing my dad and so on, he finally decided to let me go, though he was still a bit hesitant about letting me go to a swim academy full of boys.I completely understand though, even if I might be some kind of sissy boy to him, I‘d gladly prove him wrong on that.

A month later I was finally accepted into the school and had packed my bags so I could move out.Fluffy, my baby duck whom I found abandoned at a nearby park, was sitting on my bed as I packed up my things and I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that I was going to leave her alone with my family.Picking her up her small fuzzy body,I gently kissed her on the top of her head and murmured.“Aww,baby..don‘t worry..I‘ll be sure to come visit on my holidays,alright?” I cooed as nuzzled my cheek against her warm feathers.She then blinked her eyes at me and gave me a small quack,ruffling her feathers as she looked up at me.Heartbroken, I set her back down on the bed soft sheets on the bed and walked out of the room, though it was hard since she had had the habit of following right behind me,a bad habit I need to break for her. It took a while to get out of the house since my mom had to hold her since she wouldn’t stop following me,but I made it out and I was on my way to the school.

After a year of being at the school, I’ve learned a lot about things I never knew about swimming, like back strokes and other swimming techniques.Being in my junior year, I’m actually proud about what I’ve accomplished so far and I hope that if I train hard enough,I’ll become one of the best swimmers in the school.To this day,I’m a proud member of Mizu no Gakuen.



*He is a seke,a smidge on the uke side even though he may not look it

*He has a pet duck living at home named Captain Fluffy the 3rd [Thanks to ~anime-begginer12 for the name idea xDDD]

*Since he is unable to bring his duck to school, he brings a plush replica of his duck and keeps it with him all the time.

*Ryuu may look innocent but don’t be fooled, he’s a complete pervert

*He’s a virgin who has never dated in his life,but of course he knows what he’s doing…his body is always ready desu~//SLAPPED :iconheplz:

*He has a secret stash of porn magazines tucked in the back of his locker-If anyone found out about them or even touches them..he’ll go batshit insane :iconpapmingplz: Unless he decides to show you,then everything is ok LOL

*He likes to give dumb nicknames to his close friends or to people he meets since he thinks it’s cool

*I don’t think anyone is safe when alone with him OTL



Takoro Furutachi- Close,Middle School Friend



✜Names given to Ryuu:

FireCrotch,Mr. Touchy

✜Names he had given to others:

*FireCrouch - Theodore

*Tsun Faced Cutie - Natsuki

*Noodles - Ramen

*Taco - Takoro

*Strawberry - Sadao

*Mr Fluffy Head - Sasuke

*Little cutie - Kei

*Blueberry - Richard

Ryuumei,Matsuda © :icondesolaterosexx:
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